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Crash Cite® is the crash reporting software you’ve been waiting for. Like eCWS, Crash Cite was built from the very beginning with officer input. By watching how officers wrote crash reports, Auri Group has been able to greatly simplify and accelerate the crash report process. Almost every field can be automatically filled in with data retrieved from a handheld scanner. Simply scan a license or registration and the information is automatically populated into unit, individual, or witness lists. Photos of the license and registration can be saved as part of the registration process, using the same handheld scanner. Nearest intersection can be automatically retrieved using GPS coordinates. Officers spoke – we listened. Crash Cite is the result, and the only crash reporting solution designed to work the way officers do!

1. Built from the ground up with officer feedback
2. Minimizes data entry by copying common data across unit, individual, witness, and other fields
3. Automatically enters individual information into report using a handheld scanner or mag stripe reader
4. Can scan copies of license and registration for use later
5. Automatically stores any related images to crash
6. Uploads all reports to a central repository
7. Flexible customer billing options to enable PD to collect funds from reports
8. Can integrate into eCWS, enabling officers to issue citations in eCWS and tie them to a crash report
9. GPS integration

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