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Project Description
While we were in the electronic citation business - we wrote Indiana's eCWS - we decided to write our own crash reporting software. We exited from that biz because it's too politically charged. Here for you to use is an almost complete electronic crash reporting solution. Enjoy.

Crash Cite® is the crash reporting software you’ve been waiting for. Like eCWS, Crash Cite was built from the very beginning with officer input. By watching how officers wrote crash reports, Auri Group has been able to greatly simplify and accelerate the crash report process. Almost every field can be automatically filled in with data retrieved from a handheld scanner. Simply scan a license or registration and the information is automatically populated into unit, individual, or witness lists. Photos of the license and registration can be saved as part of the registration process, using the same handheld scanner. Nearest intersection can be automatically retrieved using GPS coordinates. Officers spoke – we listened. Crash Cite is the result, and the only crash reporting solution designed to work the way you do!


1. Built from the ground up with officer feedback
2. Minimizes data entry by copying common data across unit, individual, witness, and other fields
3. Automatically enters individual information into report using a handheld scanner or mag stripe reader
4. Can scan copies of license and registration for use later
5. Automatically stores any related images to crash
6. Uploads all reports to a central repository
7. Flexible customer billing options to enable PD to collect funds from reports
8. Our ultimate goal was to integrate Crash Cite with Indiana's eCWS, enabling officers to issue citations in eCWS and tie them to a crash report, but we never got the chance :(
9. GPS integration

Scanner Compatibility

The software has been tested with HandHeld / HoneyWell USB-based scanners. It should work fine with the Bluetooth and RS232/Serial solutions with a little tweaking.

We have a full barcode scanning library.

Other Dev Notes

For the diagramming portion of the software, we used the very popular Easy Street Draw package from TranCite. You will need to get a developer license from them in order to work with the ActiveX plug-in. It's a very full-featured software package - go use it. They are also very developer friendly!

The project is a Visual Studio 2010 project. C# and VB.

Database is Microsoft SQL Server 2008. There are no compatibility issues with R2. We have not tested it on SQL 2005, but hey, why go backwards?

Why Are We Doing This?

Like we said in the project description, we've exited the electronic citation business. However, there are a lot of money hungry folks out there, and most of those solutions are hard to use, use antiquated technology like text files for storage (seriously!), and are just plain junk. So, we sat down with officers, spent over $250K learning about electronic citation and crash reporting, and came up with Crash Cite. Like we said, it's a very politically charged industry. A lot of deals are made behind closed doors and outside of the proper vendor selection process. So, if you're lucky enough to have a dev department, now you can unchain yourself from companies that won't give you good software, althewhile charging you a fortune for junk.

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